Ways to use turf in your side yard

For many homeowners, side yards are sometimes forgotten or are intentionally hidden from view...sound familiar? We get it, the side yard can be out of sight out of mind. Plus, a lack of sunlight doesn't allow many plants to thrive and if not paved correctly, can even turn into a muddy mess. But it doesn't have to be that way! Check out these fun ideas to turn your side yard into a beautiful and functional space.

Dog runs

Tired of looking at that dirty dog run and scraping up the mess? By opting for artificial turn, you can enjoy a green and clean dog run. So many positives: no more muddy paws, a softer pad to run around on, easier to clean up, and zero maintenance in all seasons. Your four-legged friend will thank you for a comfortable run that they will enjoy to run around and lounge on! Like this dog run featured on HGTV:

Putting Green

For those that want to add a fun activity to their yards, a putting green may be the way to go! These can be shaped narrowly to fit any sized side yard. They are great for entertaining guests or to simply give you a break in the middle of your day to practice your short game. With a knowledgeable installer, you can often customize the design and number of holes that you desire.

A creative entry to and from your backyard

Some side yards are actually heavily trafficked areas. Things like moving your garbage bins in and out, cooking on the grill, accessing storage items, all these things may cause you to spend quite a bit of time in your side yard. Why not spruce it up and make it a space you enjoy spending time in?

Combining paved walkways with either stepping stones or pavers can have a really appealing look when paired with turf. Like this backyard from The other benefit that many don't realize is that rolling garbage bins or other items back and forth on turf won't damage the surface. Your side yard will look good year round and still be quite functional for all your daily activities.

Inspired by some of these side yard renovations? Contact us at to get started on your outdoor space today!

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