Mission: Backyard Revamp 2020

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Another year has come and gone, and with so many accomplishments there were probably some projects you put off. How about making 2020 the year you finally revamp your yard into your dream space? Get inspired with these turf design trends that are going to fulfill 2020 new year's resolutions.

Brittney Chaffee from Mom's Design Build talks about having low maintenance lawns as one of the top 5 landscaping trends to watch for in 2020. "Low maintenance lawns will be all the rage next year...Home designers will be playing with low maintenance turf and options that won’t create a landscape fuss for the homeowner - and that creates a crisp, simplistic aesthetic for all".

Chaffee points out that turf is a great way to spend less time fussing with yard maintenance. A new year's resolution on the top of everyone's list is spending more time with the people that they love. Therefore, installing turf gives homeowners more time actually enjoying the outdoor space than fussing over it.

Turf Brothers owner, Conrad Culleney, applying the finishing touches to this siding.

Another popular new year's resolution is a move towards more sustainable materials and reducing the impact on the environment. With artificial grass, homeowners can decrease their water usage substantially. With Turf Brothers headquartered in a drought-ridden region in California, we know how important saving water is for both the environment and our communities. Additionally, those saved dollars can go towards other goals that better align with your 2020 mission.

A leader in the artificial turf space, Greatest Of All Turf (G.O.A.T.) points out that water and harmful chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers are no longer a necessity to maintain a beautiful, polished lawn. Therefore, reducing your environmental impact even further can be achieved when going with a synthetic lawn.

Finished synthetic lawn install (happy homeowners saving on their water bill not pictured)

Ready to start the new decade off with a bang and meet your 2020 new year's resolutions? You can contact us today at and we will be in touch with you from start to finish. Our expert team can make your front, back, side, or other specialty space standout in 2020 with high quality artificial grass.



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