Frequently asked questions

Will I need to hose down my turf when my dog pees on it?

The average person who has 1 or 2 dogs in their backyard doesn't need to do anything. Turf is specially designed to drain like real grass. If you have a small herd of furry friends you may want to occasionally hose down the area that your dogs use the most to avoid developing any funky odor.

How do I maintain my turf?

It's really pretty simple. It does not require water, mowing, or special fertilizer. When debris falls on it use a blower, non-metal rake, or broom to clean it up.

Do weeds grow on turf?

Sometimes the wind can blow seeds onto the surface of the turf causing weeds. All you need to do is pick them out and spray a bit of any weed killer of your choice. To prevent weed growth brush your turf with a broom occasionally to keep the seeds off. Keep the landscape in the surrounding area clean and tidy to prevent seeds from further spreading.

How long does turf last?

Turf lasts a very long time. I have seen yards with 25 year old turf that has held up incredibly well. All of the turf that we supply has a 8-16 year manufacturer's warranty as well.

What does the install process look like?

Expect the team to arrive at your house early in the morning, typically between 7:00 and 7:30am. Depending on how your house is situated you may have to move your cars to allow access to the yard. The first step for our team is to excavate the existing lawn/area down to 3 inches deep. Then we will set all the borders in place. Next, we will install 3 inches of base rock and grade the rock until smooth. We will then compact the rock with a vibe plate. The next step is to install the turf, cut the edges, nail the edges, and glue the seams. Lastly, we infill the turf with sand and power broom the area to stand up the fibers. Last is clean up!

How do I know what type of turf to get?

When we come to your house to do the bid we also bring samples of the different types of turf we install. The turf we supply varies in color, texture, height, and density. You can pick the turf that best fits your preference and lifestyle. On the day of install we bring the turf to your house.

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